Satan’s Minions


Uncover everything from the story and evolution of the mother of all dark creatures, Lilith, to the fallen angels and many mythic creatures.

Fantastic creatures lurk in the minds of people from all points in history, and all cultures. If not for the world’s folktales, gods and goddesses, we would not have the myths and legends that have given birth to the imaginations of artists and writers of today. Featuring artwork by the author, as well as fantasy artist Joseph Vargo and other classic artists.

Advanced praise for Satan’s Minions: “Take a walk if you dare on the shadow side in this devilishly delightful collection of entities who have mischief and malevolence on their minds.Packed with information and lore, Satan’s Minions educates as well as entertains, a winning combination that makes for a guaranteed page-turner!” ~ Rosemary Ellen Guiley, author The Encyclopedia of Demons & Demonology


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