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Folklore Frankensteins

What exactly is considered evidence? Is it the unidentified howl in the dead of night? A lurking figure in the woods for no reason? Could it be a footprint that just could not be human? Maybe a picture of something that should not be. Regardless of what “evidence” is presented, it is always open for opinion and scrutiny. Some have created a false reality of who and what these creatures are and represent. Made out to be fun and in most cases laughable, anyone who comes across one’s path certainly does not walk away smiling, but always in a state of shock.

Unfortunately, some distorted and weakened the perspective and understanding of the individuals who relentlessly pursue these beings looking for answers. From Native American folklore dating back hundreds of years, to present day monster encounters. In the end, when looking past the lights of fame and scripted entertainment, there is one aspect that remains, cannot be denied, nor overlooked. The countless witnesses across the United States who claim encounters with what can only be described as, Folklore Frankensteins.

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Kenney W. Irish

Latest Book: “Folklore Frankensteins.

Kenney W. Irish AKA K.W. is an author, musician and sales/marketing professional.  Originally from the northern parts of Vermont, he has recently re-located to the beautiful Adirondacks area of upstate New York. 

With a lifelong love of folklore monsters, U.F.O stories, writing and public speaking at writers groups and various other platforms across the country, he continues his journey focusing on both fiction and non-fiction works.  He has a passion for writing young readers chapter books, yet has recently dived head first into young adult to adult manuscripts and has signed with Dark Moon Press

He’s also an explorer and Cryptopunkologist for the New York Bigfoot Society.  The NYBS, who’s parent company is The Tri-City Paranormal Society has appeared on The National Geographic Channel, The Travel Channel and Destination America.  K.W. is also co-host for the NYBS radio show along side Gary Robusto, the founder of both groups.ee

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