Power: How to get it, How to Keep it


The Devil is a Gentleman



Kitchen Medicinals: Natural Healing From Your Pantry

Softcover Price: $19.99

Spiralbound Price: $24.99

Softcover ISBN: 978-1514874912

Spiralbound ISBN: 978-1514874912

Limitless Getting to the Top After Hitting Rock Bottom

Price: $24.99

ISBN: 978-1793448804

Unlocking the Secrets of Control, Wealth and Power

Price: $24.99

ISBN: 978-1542469852

The Sixth Millionaire

Price: $19.99

ISBN:  978-1545411186

The Buddha and The Devil

Price: $14.99

ISBN:  978-1542750943

Master Thyself! Unlocking the Secrets of Control, Wealth, and Power

Softcover Price: $24.99

Hardcover Price: $39.99

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1365648915

Softcover ISBN: 978-1541398726

My Own Journeys from the Meadow A Journal for Guided Meditations

Price: $19.99

ISBN: 978-1532807251 

Hail Thyself! A Modern Machiavelli in the Making (Workbook)

Price: $19.99

ISBN: 978-1532808135

So, You Want To Be a Successful Writer

Price: $19.99

ISBN: 978-1507628324

How To Make Salves (Book Two of the Herbal Preparations Series) (Volume 2)

Price: $9.99

ISBN: 978-1495381072

How to Make Infusions and Decoctions (Book One of the Herbal Preparations Series) (Volume 1)

Price: $9.99

ISBN: 978-1493503650

Bewitching Beauty: Bringing Out Your Inner Goddess, naturally

Price: $19.99

ISBN: 978-1451585872