The Amulet of Elizabeth Bathory


An incredible script format anthology that includes the queen of bloodbaths, Elizabeth Bathory. Along with other fantastic incarnations of the intoxicating, thrilling and sometimes nightmarish creature, the vampire.

In the beginning, vampires have always been written as evil incarnate, forever the monster stalking innocent victims in the dark. However, not all of them are strictly blood thirsty predators. Sometimes, they may turn out to be the hero or heroine in the story. The author offers a different viewpoint, a series of twists and turns, written in script format. Never forgetting to honor the original vampires that served as the inspiration for the many stories to come. He pays homage to Elizabeth Bathory, capturing her power, strength, and glory in phenomenal fashion. Return to the original concept of the vampire, while being thrilled by new incarnations of the immortal being humans have feared for centuries.


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