Stand Like a Tree: Mastering the Movement of Energy


This book is about developing a feel for the energy and developing the intent required to master it.

Untrained people often unexpectedly discover that they have naturally developed sensitivity to the energy around them. Often these sensitive people have what they perceive to be an adverse reaction to some forms of this energy, although they may attribute the cause to something else such as “bad vibes” or “unhealthy atmosphere”. They then try to figure out what to do about this problem. In the last few years I’ve been approached at Pagan gatherings that I’ve taught at either by individuals wanting to know how to handle their energy and/or the energy around them or by individuals brought to me by their elders for the same purpose. The most common question that they ask me is: How do I protect myself from negative energy? They want to know how to build up defences or how to set up some kind of defensive psychic armour. I teach them that they don’t need armour. What they need to learn is how to “swim”. This book is about learning how to detect the currents of life energy or “chi” within and without and learning simple ways to master them and swim through them. In Asian martial arts and medicine there is an old adage: “Chi follows I” (energy follows intent).


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