Serial Killers: Murderers Next Door


A starling look at the serial killers you never knew existed.

We have all heard of Jack the Ripper, Ed Gein and Ted Bundy, but the lesser known murderers are sometimes more horrific than the infamous ones, perhaps due to the fact they were not ever talked about. We would all like to think there are no boogeymen hiding under our beds and in the shadows nothing is waiting to pounce on us. But as Bud Weiser proves in his research, perhaps the wicked apparitions we fear are really out there, simply in another form. Sometimes, the reality is more frightening than any fiction. The monster we face may very well be your next door neighbor! I invite you to pull the curtains back and seek what others fear, the tales of madmen and yes, even women, as the author shares his research with us on Serial Killers: Murderers Next Door.


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