Randolph County Infirmary


The Randolph County Poorhouse and Infirmary, is known in the paranormal community as a building whose dark wards are filled with spirits and a plethora of paranormal activity. Many of the residents of this historical building have never left and continue to make their presence known both day and night.

The Randolph County Poorhouse and Infirmary was constructed in 1899. The building saw many transformations inside over the years, but closed its doors in 2005. In 2015, a new owner purchased it to allow tours for paranormal investigators and filmmakers who wanted to make use of its vast and spooky interior. Join the author of Haunted Asylums E.R. Vernor and the new owner, Adam Kimmell, as they share the history of the massive building located in Winchester, Indiana. Discover for yourself what happened in these walls.


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