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The Ninth Gate: Into the Inferno


A magazine inspired by writing, art and the creativity of others. Including vampires, Satanists, witches, Gothic artists, musicians, publishers and business people of the less known subcultures.

Welcome to this very special copy of The Ninth Gate. What you now hold in your hands is the result of six years of hard work in the making, the time and efforts of a great deal of very special and talented friends of ours out there. The Ninth Gate Magazine was a publication that ran from October of 2006 until October of 2008. Inspired by my love of publishing, art and the creativity of others, I began locating people to work with and interview all manner of creative individuals. From vampires, Satanists, witches and Gothic artists, musicians, publishers and business people I found interesting, as well as reviews and articles by other staff members. Over time, fans of the magazine wrote to me and asked about the final issue that never saw print, so I located my files and added them to the end of this work as a special treat you won’t find anywhere else!


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