Lord Byron’s Revenge


An anthology featuring the great Lord Byron and his dark deeds. There are tales of horror to chill the blood and enliven the senses. Including Zombies, ghosts, and other monstrous creatures.

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Lord Byron’s Revenge

A powerful key capable of unlocking a portal that could create hell on earth, has been stolen by a vampire coven. In order to prevent the end of the world, a former priest with a mysterious past, his lifelong friend, a former rabbi and a Buddhist mont must unite. However, Lord Byron seems intent on stopping them.

He Still Belongs To Me

After eight years of an unhappy marriage, between a success lawyer, and a beautiful ad executive, death comes knocking. However, his wife is intent on keeping him forever in her grasp.

Romancing the Zombie

A plague from a secret lab is unleashed upon the earth, leading to a zombie apocalypse. Now, a local hospital nurse, the hero living with her, and her daughter, must fight to same them both.

The Ghost Will Follow

On his way to visit the family of his fiancee, a young man becomes trapped in a horrible blizzard. Forced to stay in the closest town he finds himself becoming emotionally involved with a beautiful young woman. He soon discovers the connection between her, his fiancee’s family, and discovers the horrible truth about his new love.


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