Limitless Getting to the Top After Hitting Rock Bottom


Learn how to overcome trials and tribulations when you have hit rock bottom. This book will show you how to climb back up to the top. The authors share their true stories of personal struggles and what they did to get back on their feet.

Some people achieve success in their endeavors, but often struggle to keep what they earned. The brass ring is not always easy to keep a grasp of in todays ever-shifting economy, our emotional baggage from the past that causes us to slip, or betrayal of people in our personal or business lives, at other times losing what you have gained is simply a matter of a few bad choices that snowball before you are aware of it.Regardless of the cause, the authors of Limitless share their own deeply personal challenges and setbacks and how they fought to overcome them. In a blunt and raw manner at times, the authors tell it how it is and best yet, what psychologists and health experts revealed by the in-depth study, financial strategies and pure methods of reorganizing, rethinking, and setting goals to achieve even more successful than ever.


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