Lilith: From Ancient Lore to Modern Culture


Learn Lilith’s darkest secrets, her origins and misunderstood evolution.

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This expanded edition of the authors’ original book adds much more into every time period on this misunderstood and enigmatic being. The figure Lilith is forever entrenched in our minds, as the mother of all dark creatures. From ancient artifacts to modern day film and comic books, we continue to see her as a vengeful feminine anti-hero. The she-demon from the Babylonian empire is far from an antiquated figure of myth and lore of days gone by. If anything, there has been a renewed interest in Lilith which has led modern artists and writers to embrace the archetype with still more fervor than in any time in the past.     Like the phoenix which rises from the ashes of its former self, Lilith is reborn each time her character is reinterpreted and retold, in as much as are vampires, clarifying the reasons her persona was so quickly adapted to be the mother of the Succubi and of course vampires in so many stories. This reshaping of the screeching demoness serves to reflect each generation’s views of the feminine role in society, or in our day and age, how we redefine ourselves with one another. As we grow and change with Lilith survives the millennia, because she is truly the singular best archetype for the changing role of women. 


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