Life Sentence: A true story about love, lunacy and fame


The biography of Robert LaSardo from his early youth through his journey as a Hollywood actor. Including his crowning achievement of working with film legend Clint Eastwood in his final film along with Bradley Cooper in the movie The Mule.  Often typecast as a rough gang member or the bad guy. He is none of those things and yet these characters have become a part of his personality. Delve deeper into the psyche and the life of Mr. LaSardo and discover the truth behind the tough persona we have come to know.

Often, if you are in the public eye, you develop a persona (ego) and become someone that society, fans and publicists want you to be. You can sometimes lose aspects of yourself. The truly courageous ones overcome this through strength of character and merge the two halves of themselves to be whole. In the end, people will either love you for who you are, imperfections and all, or they will pull back, fading away because you spoiled the ’image’ they had of you. It is sad that the creative person loses a part of themselves so that they can be known and make a good living. Yet, it is the love of art, writing and acting – the real, inner person we are is what made us do it in the first place – that can often become extinguished by the machine of ratings, demands of talent agents, advisers or by the shine of fame and glamour. Throughout his career, Robert LaSardo has found his niche in Hollywood, playing the devious criminal. Often evil personified in his roles, he has played the villain we love, on the award-winning series Nip/Tuck and on both CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Miami. We also see his more recent performances in Ghost Whisperer and his own independent film Never Down, he continues to win the hearts of his audience. A crowning achievement was when film legend Clint Eastwood picked Robert to be in a few scenes with him in his final film along with Bradley Cooper in the movie The Mule. In Life Sentence: a true story about love, lunacy and fame, you will encounter the man behind the villain he plays, and come to understand the depth of his heart, his will and desire to accomplish despite the hardships that will make you cry. This book will make you feel the triumph of his success, as you are drawn into his life.

~ From the introduction.


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