Goth Girls, Vampire Vixens and Satan’s Sirens


A collection of stunningly beautiful images from the Gothic subculture, including an introduction to define this often misunderstood genre.

Dark Moon Press is proud to team up with Old Nick Magazine to bring you this unprecedented collection of femme fatales! Corvis Nocturnum not only contributes his eloquent writing style detailing the rich history of Gothic and various other dark sub-cultural identity groups, but located a dazzling wide array of women, each one as unique an beautiful as the next. Beautiful and darkly enchanting, the women in this book show the rich diversity that alternative women display. Whether strolling through a cemetery or dancing to the pulse of electronic darkwave music in Gothic nightclubs, this book is full of breathtaking full color photos of some of the most alluring seductresses of the night! Contains some artistic nudity.


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