GalTech and the Shadow Warriors GalTech and Shadows Blooded


The GalTech and Shadow Warriors series combines science fiction, business, humor, military special team tactics, symbionts, space fleet warfare, and an occasional splash of romance. Constant action and humor are the foundations this series is built on.

Book Two of the series, GalTech and Shadows Blooded, adds to the series’ main characters as both the Empire’s Shadow Warriors and GalTech’s managers see action. At the urging of his Prime Minister and his tougher-than-nails-and-big-hammers bodyguard and girlfriend, the young Teaman Emperor unleashes his newest weapon, a new Shadow recruit named Kat. As the first Shadow to fully-meld with their Syrt (a virus-like microbial community absorbed on purpose), Kat’s physical and mental tools are more than most can imagine. That becomes problematical for the terrorists. She is busy cutting a wide swath through them as Denny, her mission commander, gives two Alliance Generals reasons to fume and bite their tongues. Did I mention romance?


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