Dark Visions: The Art of Corvis Nocturnum


A collection of paintings by Corvis Nocturnum.

For years E.R. Vernor, better known by his pen name, Corvis Nocturnum, has been illustrating book covers, catalogs, bands CD covers and has had work in Julie Strain’s Nightmare on Pinup Street. Now, collected here is a glimpse of the art itself, but various never before seen images of the works in progress and the artists background and thoughts behind the works themselves.

From the introduction by Joseph Vargo: “The imagery that is depicted in the art of Corvis Nocturnum is at times surreal, stark and unsettling, yet there is an underlying beauty to be found within each painting. As a writer, Corvis boldly strives to shed light on the dark subcultures of the world and his libertine attitude carries over into his artwork, which unflinchingly examines similar taboo topics. Unrestricted by conventional boundaries, his Satanic and erotic themes truly embrace the darkness within his soul. His artwork mixes traditional gothic elements such as ravens and vampires with fallen angels and S&M vixens to create raw impressions of a dark and unadulterated realm.”


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