Braaaaains I


A nightmarish anthology of the well known and always horrifying walking dead.

Romancing The Zombie By Kevin Eads

A plague, created in a secret lab, which gets loose and creates a nation of zombies, the hospital the nurse works at is overrun. The hero is staying with her daughter and will try to save both the daughter and the nurse and bring them both to safety.

Seven Days By Bud Weiser

A dying man attempts to survive among the mad hordes hoping against hope rescue will come.

Tyler Morgan and the Necromancer By Ben Faulk

Horror meets science fiction in this tale of zombies and intrigue in a world unlike our own, yet unnerving in its realism of human turmoil.

The Town That Ate the Dead By Kevin Eads

These and other stories will enthrall and horrify you, each on different yet all marvelously written in this anthology filled with walking dead.


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