Annah and the Exiles (Book 2)


In the second novel of Clay Gilbert’s Children of Evohe series, Annah has gone to Holdfast Station, an Earth outpost situated above a contested world called Aurora-Prime by some, but Holdfast by the dissidents and former Earth colonists who call it their home. Prompted by a vision, she has set out, along with Kale Goodman, to rescue her mate Gary Holder from captivity aboard the station.

Annah’s brave decision places her in the center of a personal and political nightmare, for Gary Holder, believed by many to be dead following a catastrophic accident near the station, may no longer be the man she knows and loves. Holdfast Station does not occupy the Sea of Stars alone: down on the planet that shares its name, a community of outsiders, political prisoners and freedom fighters are engaged in a struggle against the corrupt and power-hungry planetary government of Earth, who do not recognize Holdfast’s independence and seek to retake the planet for themselves, by diplomatic means if possible, and by armed invasion if necessary. Even if Annah does manage to save Holder from his uncertain fate, will her compassion for the fate of those on the planet below allow her to remain uninvolved in their struggle for freedom? The adventure continues, in ANNAH and the EXILES Book two of the children of Evohe.


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