Annah and the Children of Evohe (Book 1)


Annah, a young female of a world on the Edge of the Sea of Stars named Evohe, feels there is no place for her among her people.  She is seen as strange both for her appearance, which is different than that thought to be normal for an eighteen-cycle old seed-maiden, and for her dreams, not of finding a mate and making a homeplace and a family with him, but of exploring the Sea of Stars that she looks up at every night and longs to see. 

Annah’s parents lie at rest in the Elder Grove deep in the woods near her home ground, and, since the passing of Lilliane, the elder who had been her guardian since she was fourteen cycles old, Annah has lived alone; the ‘girl who walks with no one.’

She remains alone until the night she sees a great fire streak from the starry sky above her parents’ home ground and, following its path, finds the wreckage of what she knows from the shared Memories of her people is a star-vessel of the sort her own people had once traveled in.  Inside the ruined craft, she finds a human male, badly injured and close to death.  Torn between the Memories that tell her the people of Earth were responsible for the near-extinction of her own world and the voice of Spirit that insists all life is the same, she nurses him back to health, finding in the human Gary Holder a mirror of her own search for belonging and desire for a larger purpose. Their growing connection, and the Evoetians’ sense of humans as enemies sets in motion a chain of events that may either destroy Annah’s world a second time or lead to a new future of understanding:  a new age of the Shapers.

This is a new, re-edited edition of the first novel in Clay Gilbert’s science-fiction/fantasy adventure series, Children of Evohe, a saga that combines the drama of classic stories like Jane Eyre with the adventure and mysticism of well-known science fiction masterpieces like Frank Herbert’s Dune and Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land. The Children of Evohe series is also under development for television by executive producer Joel Eisenberg and Council Tree Productions.

The adventure begins here!


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