Annah and the Arrow (Book 4)


An old enemy from the planet’s distant past seeks to use the void of Annah’s absence to seek a power she has long been denied.

Annah of Evohe, who had come to be known, on that world and others besides, as the An-Rhyel—the Restorer—has been gone for three years. Most of the universe seems to have given her up for dead. The government of Earth, unable to sense anything on the surface of the planet, has moved on to other concerns—such as a possible alliance with a mysterious new ally. On Evohe, though, things are different. Both Annah’s followers and her enemies remember that she said she would return. One of Annah’s closest friends, the seed-maiden Liara, struggles with the responsibilities of leadership in Annah’s absence. Annah and Holder’s twins, Linnah and Laren, are three years old now and might never see their mother again. And through all this, Annah’s mate, Gary Holder, still keeps watch over the tree near the homeground of Annah’s parents, where he and a small band of her friends and followers lay her to rest. One morning, Holder wakes to find the trunk of the Mother-Tree split in half, and Annah’s grave lying empty. What will this mean for the universe beyond Annah’s homeworld and the course of galactic history? And what consequences will there be for the CHILDREN OF EVOHE ? The answers lie waiting in the fourth and most thrilling chapter yet of Clay Gilbert’s CHILDREN OF EVOHE series


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