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The Fulci family has returned to their ancestral home with hopes and dreams of creating a new life but little do they know on the small secluded island they once called home a madman and his followers have unleashed an ancient power beyond their comprehension fueled by the blackest of magic and the ultimate blasphemy against the dead. A rage and hatred more ancient than man…

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Corvis Nocturnum Signs with Collective Celebrity Management

Corvis Nocturnum has signed with Collective Celebrity Management! The talent agency can be linked to names like John Tobin (Paranormal Investigator) , Jennifer Lynn Warren (Coven) and Robert LaSardo (Death Race).

Corvis Nocturnum 2014 Appearances

Corvis Nocturnum will appear as guest speaker at the following events: Convocation Troy MI Feb 21-23 House of Wills Ghost Hunt May 16-18 House Kheperu Gather June 6-8th Parahorror Buffalo NY August 16th and joining Chase Knightly in Salem, MA with other Dark Moon Press authors on Halloween! More is soon to come!