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Sin in the Skin


With nineteen years in the tattoo business, Dave Wallace shares some of the more humorous stories from over the years, as well as discusses tattoo history, meanings and etiquette. SIN IN THE SKIN is also one artists personal diatribe against conformity and encourages tattoo collectors to seek originality, as well as professional service…

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2015 Appearances for Corvis Nocturnum

E. R. Vernor, ‘Corvis Nocturnum’ scheduled appearances for 2015:   January Radio interviews January 2nd at 10:00pm on BlogTalkRadio I will be on Mystical Awakenings Radio: True Paranormal with Deb DeRousse & Jon Lento, call in to update us on Eerie America. Then at 11 EST January 2nd, appearing on on Paranormal Review Radio with Luci Leibfried and Anthony. On Sunday the 4th with Robert A Du Shane at 9EST on his show WPAR Digital Broadcasting – Paraspeak Radio Network at. Thursday Night with Mark Johnson, Jan 22nd, from 8-10 EST on Art Bell’s Dark Matter Radio Network. Vampire special on Blood Borne Radio, with Chase Knightly Author as he interviews […]

Life Sentence by Robert LaSardo

Robert LaSardo is an actor made famous by his talent for personifying evil, most notably for award-winning shows like Nip/Tuck and CSI: Miami. However, his road to success has been littered with potholes, as LaSardo reveals in his autobiography, Life Sentence: A True Story of Love, Lunacy and Fame. If you’re looking for a gripping tale of struggle and success, Life Sentence is a book for you. Order your copy today.  

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